To register, use LACNIC’s Registration System:

Video: How to register for a course on the LACNIC Campus


1. LACNIC sends an email to the mailbox of the users of the 5 points of contact of your company (users registered in our database and directly related to the member organization):

  • Administrative contact of the entity
  • Collection contact
  • Membership contact
  • Technical contacts of each IP block
  • Contacts abuses of each IP block

Those users are the ones that have full access to My LACNIC ( and must enter using their USER IDs.

2. Once logged into My LACNIC, in order to register yourself and register other partners to a course:

  1. In the upper right part of the screen, click on the button with a bell image. Or, in the general menu, on the left, enter Membership and Pending.
  2. If the user who entered wants to take the course, he must press USE, complete all his data and he will automatically be registered and exonerated.
  3. If the user who entered wants more colleagues to do the course, he must press TRANSFER.
  4. Complete the name and email of the partner and TRANSFER. Repeat this procedure with each partner, one by one.

The people to whom the registration was transferred, will receive an email from with a link where they must complete their data to be registered and exonerated.

Any questions can write to