After completing the three levels of any of the specializations (basic, intermediate, and advanced), LACNIC will offer Campus students the possibility of taking a certification exam (either online or in person) to back the technical knowledge they have acquired by completing the specialization.

The certificate awarded by LACNIC is highly valued at the regional level and represents an important recognition in the professional training of network operators.

How can I take the certification exam for these specializations?

There are two ways to obtain the certification in any of the specializations:

Online exam coming soon

This exam is available to students who have completed and passed all the courses that comprise each level (basic, intermediate, and advanced).

It is a theoretical exam comprising 30 multiple choice questions and is free of charge.

The exam will only be available in Spanish.

In-person exam coming soon

This exam is an opportunity for Campus students who wish to obtain a certification to prove that they have achieved one of the specializations, even if they have not completed all of the courses it comprises.

In this case, to access this exam, the only requirement is that the student must have completed the mandatory courses that make up the selected specialization and passed the corresponding exams.

This exam covers both theory and practice and can be taken at either of LACNIC’s two annual events. Prior registration is required.

The exam is free of charge.

The exam will only be available in Spanish.