Learning formats

The LACNIC Campus offers two online training formats to guarantee accessibility and the continuity of learning across the region.


This format allows each student to access contents at their own pace for the duration of the course.

Students will work through different modules, watching videos, downloading study materials, and taking self-evaluation tests designed to contribute to their learning experience. After completing these modules, they will take a final test.

Course workload depends on each topic and may vary from 20 to 65 hours, which may be distributed as five hours per week.

To receive their course approval certificate, participants must take the final test and score 70% or more.

Courses offered in this format are provided entirely free of charge.


In this case, a specialist will guide students through the course.

Each course is divided into modules, one of which will be made available each week.

During this period, students will have access to study materials they can download, explanatory videos, practical activities, and self-evaluation tests. A discussion forum will also be provided for each module, where students will be able to communicate with their tutor and classmates, and to ask any questions they may have.

The forums and self-evaluations will only be available during the week of their corresponding module, after which they will be closed.

The last module will include a final test that participants must take and score at least 70% to obtain their course approval certificate.

Courses in this format are offered at a fee.