Format: Self-study e-learning course
Language: English
Duration: 30 hours
Cost: Free

Course objectives:

  • This course has been designed to introduce Latin American and Caribbean participants to Internet governance and provide them with a broad perspective of the topic.
  • This means that it will address not only aspects related to the management of critical Internet resources such as IP addresses, DNS, and Internet protocols, but also various problems associated with the use of the Internet and its social and economic impacts.
  • The course will address both the institutional elements of the Internet ecosystem (e.g., Internet architecture), as well as topics related to human rights and the Internet, the digital economy, cybersecurity, and emerging topics such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Target audience:

  • The course has been designed for people who needs to familiarize themselves with the key concepts of Internet Governance in the LAC region


  • The course will be offered in English and in a self-study e-learning format.
  • It requires a total time commitment of approximately 30 hours, distributed as 5 hours a week.
  • Students will go through a series of modules where they will watch videos that present the theory of each topic. Optional self-evaluation tests will be available to students once they complete each module.
  • To obtain their diploma, participants must pass a final test.

Syllabus: Download PDF

Calendar - Introduction to Internet Governance in LAC

1st 16-Jan 13-Feb 20-Feb 3-Apr

Registration for each edition of the course will close on the specified date at 18:00 UTC.