This course is an introduction to the IPv6 protocol and has been developed entirely in English. If you'd like to take this course in Spanish, please consider registering for the "IPv6 Básico” course.
Este curso es introductorio al protocolo IPv6 y está desarrollado completamente en inglés. Si usted desea realizar este curso en español, por favor considere registrarse en “IPv6 Básico”.

Language: English
Duration: 20 hours
Cost: Free
Methology: Self-study e-learning
Registry: -
Specialization: This course is part of the basic level ISP Network Operation, basic level Campus Network Operation,  basic level Datacenter Operation.


  • To provide an overview of the IPv6 protocol and its structure
  • To analyze the impact of IPv4 address exhaustion and the mechanisms for transitioning to the new protocol
  • To discuss IP address plans and strategies for the deployment of IPv6

Target Audience: 

This course is especially aimed at network administrators, software developers, network equipment vendors, students, teachers and IT professionals.


  • This is a self-study e-learning course that will be offered through the Moodle platform.
  • Each lesson includes LOs in the form of videos, along with additional reading material which address the contents that are published on a weekly basis.
  • Each lesson also includes self-evaluation activities and a formal evaluation every week at the end of each module.
  • Participants also have access to forums where they can interact and share with other course participants. 
  • The course requires a weekly time commitment of approximately 5 hours.
  • To obtain their diploma, participants must pass a final test.

Content of the course: download PDF 

Calendar - Introduction to IPv6

1st 6-Mar 3-Apr 10-Apr 8-May
2nd 14-Aug 11-Sep 18-Sep 16-Oct

Please, remember that registration will be closing on the indicated day at 18:00 UTC