The Basics of CSIRT Creation and Management

Format: Tutor-assisted online course
Language: Spanish
Duration: 20 hours
Cost: US$350
Tutors: Paula Venosa and Ernesto Pérez
Certification: LACNIC will issue an official certificate to students who successfully pass the course.

Course Objectives:

To understand the basic concepts involved in the creation and management of a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).


  • Students will attend classes divided into different modules for four weeks, during which they will have access to audiovisual and reading materials. New modules or topics will be available weekly as students advance through the program.
  • A forum will be provided for each topic or module. Participants will be able to communicate with their tutor as well as with their classmates, and to raise their doubts and ask any questions they may have in relation to the training and hands-on activities.
  • Students will be able to take an optional self-evaluation test at the end of each module to assess their progress.
  • Activities will start and end at 18:00 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) on the dates specified for each module.
  • After completing the course, students must take and pass a mandatory final exam to obtain their certificate.
  • The estimated course workload is approximately 20 hours, distributed as 5 hours a week.


  • Basic knowledge of computer security.
  • At least 6 months of experience working in IT and/or information security are recommended (but not required).


The course comprises four modules:

Module 1: What is a CSIRT, how is a CSIRT created and what services does it offer?
Module 2: Organizational structure of a CSIRT
Module 3: Policies and procedures that characterize the activity of a CSIRT
Module 4: Secure treatment in the use and exchange of information

Calendar - The Basics of CSIRT Creation and Management

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Registration will open and close on the specified dates at 18:00 UTC.