Introduction to Network Security

Format: Self-study e-learning course
Language: Spanish
Duration: 65 hours
Cost: Free
Certification: LACNIC will issue an official certificate to students who successfully pass the course.

Target Audience:

Anyone wishing to become familiar with some of the basic concepts of network security.

Course Objectives:
  • To provide an overview of the basic principles, strategies, and mechanisms of network security.
  • To present major security threats and different types of attacks.
  • To present mechanisms for the secure transmission and storage of information.
  • To understand the basic operating principles of a CSIRT and incident handling.


  • Students will autonomously work through various modules in pdf and video format, including demonstrations of practical applications. Optional self-evaluation tests are also available for each module to allow students to check their progress.
  • The estimated course workload is approximately 65 hours, distributed as 5 hours a week.
  • After completing the course, students must take and pass a mandatory final exam to obtain their certificate.

Program: Download PDF
*This course was developed jointly with the IDRC within the framework of the AYITIC GOES GLOBAL initiative.

Calendar - Introduction to Network Security

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