Advanced IPv6

Format: Tutor-assisted online course
Language: Spanish
Duration: 60 hours
Cost: US$200
Registration: TBA
Tutor: Santiago Aggio
Certification: LACNIC will issue an official certificate to students who successfully pass the course.

Course Objectives:

  • To further students’ knowledge of the theory behind the IPv6 protocol and help them acquire the practical skills needed to configure IPv6 in different environments.
  • For students to learn how to create an addressing plan based on best practices and recommendations, how the Neighbor Discovery Protocol works, the fundamentals of DNS, and certain aspects of routing.
  • For students to perform some simple, hands-on labs on the topics covered during the course.


  • Students will attend classes divided into different modules for six weeks, during which they will have access to audiovisual materials and hands-on activities or labs. New modules or topics will be available weekly as students advance through the program.
  • A forum will be provided for each topic or module. Participants will be able to communicate with their tutor as well as with their classmates, and to raise their doubts and ask any questions they may have in relation to the training and hands-on activities.
  • Students will be able to take an optional self-evaluation test at the end of each module to assess their progress.
  • Activities will start and end at 18:00 UTC (Time Universal Coordinated) on the dates specified for each module.
  • After completing the course, students must take and pass a mandatory final exam to obtain their certificate.

 Requirements for the Hands-on Labs:

Labs are not mandatory. However, we recommend completing them to reinforce the knowledge acquired during the course.

Completing these hands-on activities requires the following:

  • Students must have solid knowledge of Linux/Unix operating systems and basic knowledge of IPv6 (having completed the LACNIC Campus basic IPv6 course is not required, although it is recommended).
  • The course focuses on the configuration of IPv6 in networks and services, so participants must have knowledge of these topics in IPv4 to clearly understand and complete the hands-on labs. In-depth knowledge of TCP/IP, static and dynamic routing, DNS, DHCP, and other services is recommended.
  • Labs will use virtual machines imported into VirtualBox, so knowledge of this software and virtualization is also required.

Recommended system requirements:

  • Core i7-type processors
  • 8GB of RAM

Regardless of the above, other devices may also be used, although their performance may not be as effective.

Program: Download PDF

Calendar - Advanced IPv6

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1st Apr 10 May 8 May 15 Jun 26
2nd sep 4 Oct 2 Oct 9 Nov 20

Registration will open and close on the specified dates at 18:00 UTC.